Friday, July 5, 2013

As You Like It, ACT THREE

Sc1 - The brief meeting between Oliver and Frederick, where Frederick siezes Oliver's money and lands and threatens banishment for Oliver if he can't find Orlando.

Sc2 - Probably the best scene in the play, for the interplay between characters, usually two at a time. 

First we see Orlando who is craving poems to Rosalind on the branches and trunks of the forest trees.

Corin and Touchstone enter and there is a funny dialog where Touchstone tangles Corin up in witty turns of a phrase. Touchstone states that if Corin has never been to court then he has no manners, with no manners then he is wicked, wickedness is a sin, and sin leads to damnation. Corin gives up and Touchstone adds the final blow saying that a man shouldn't give up when he realizes he is dammed.

Rosalind enters reading one of the poems and Touchstone exits echoing it to make fun of its simple rhyming and changing the meaning to insult rather than flatter Rosalind.

Celia and Rosalind talk about the carvings they have seen all over the forest. Celia knows who it is but refuses to tell, creating drama while Rosalind waits to hear the answer. Celia reveals that the messenger is Orlando.

Orlando enters with Jaques and the two ladies overhear. Jaques tries to match wits with Orlando who shuts him down. Jaques gives up but speaks frankly asking Orlando to stop carving into the trees.

Orlando and Rosalind have a wonderful exchange where Rosalind (in disguise) continuously make Orlando reprove his love to Rosalind. In the end Rosalind proposes that to cure himself of his love sickness Orlando should come to her everyday and woo her as if she were the real Rosalind.

Sc3 - Touchstone has found a maid, Audrey, who he wants to marry. The priest shows up but there is no man to give Audrey away. Jaques steps forward to volunteer his services, but before allowing the marriage to happen he pulls Touchstone away to offer him council.

Sc4 - Orlando is late to his appointment with Rosalind, so Celia and Rosalind talk about his infidelity. Celia argues that perhaps he is not in love, and Rosalind doesn't want to accept the idea, but she is sad at the talk. They are called away to witness a quarrel between two lovers.

Sc5 - Silvius and Phebe are talking. Silvius loves Phebe but she does not return the love. Rosalind enters and tells Phebe that she is stupid to not return the love of such a devoted lover, because Phebe is not too attractive and just not to appealing to men. Phebe is angry but after Rosalind's talk she sees Silvius in a slightly better light.

As the ladies leave Phebe recognizes how angry she is at Rosalind's angry words, and she finds that she herself is in love with Rosalind. She writes an angry letter to Rosalind and says she will have Silvius deliver it.

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