Friday, July 5, 2013

As You Like It, ACT FIVE

Sc1 - Touchstone yells at William, a forest boy who likes Audrey. William leaves.
Sc2 - Oliver loves Celia after just meeting her and tomorrow the two will marry. This makes Orlando happy and sad, for he longs to have what his brother has, a real Rosalind. Hearing this Rosalind promises that she can make the real Rosalind appear. Phone us and Silvius enter, and everyone begins professing their love to the next, but none in return. Rosalind speaks to everyone and tells them to meet her tomorrow, when she will solve all problems.
Sc3 - Two of the good duke's pages since song for Touchstone and Audrey's wedding. Touchstone says they lost time, because he lost time in spending it listening to their song.
Sc4 - Rosalind enters and makes a promise. The duke must accept the real Rosalind, Orlando must wed get, and if Phebeus says no to her, then Phebeus must wed Silvius. She goes off and returns shortly as her real self, everyone is happy and married. Touchstone has a quick speech about court mannars. A messenger enters to say that the new duke has become religious and the old duke is restored. Rosalind gives the epilogue.

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