Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Act 3

Sc1 - Proteus hatches his plan and tells the duke of Valentine and Silvia's plan to escape. The Duke entraps Valentine on his way and gets Valentine to reveal the rope ladder under his cloak. Thus he is banished. In despair he can think of nothing but death. Proteus and Launce meet Valentine on the way out of the city and encourage him to go and keep his love by writing to Proteus, who will then deliver the letters to Silvia.

As Proteus and Valentine depart Launce reflects that his master is very evil. Speed show up and Launce delays him by having him read a love letter. Speed is late to meet his master so he rushes off.

Sc2 - The Duke, Proteus, and Thurio make a plan to deal with the upset Silvia. Proteus will meet with Silvia and tell of how bad Valentine is while at the same time buffering Thurio's reputation. Of course the situation favors Proteus who now is the access point for all messages of love destined for Silvia.

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