Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Two Gents, Act 5

Sc1 - Eglamore waits for Silvia as she suddenly comes running past. She shouts for them to both hurry to cover of the forest because she fears someone is tailing her.

Sc2 - Thurio, Proteus, and Julia as page enter talking about Silvia's feelings for Thurio. With every soft answer Proteus gives Thurio Julia gives a walloping aside to the crowd.

The Duke enters and determines that Silvia has fled, and the chase for them in the woods is on.

Sc3 - Silvia is captured by the outlaws, but Eglamore got away. The outlaws intend to bring Silvia to see their captain.

Sc4 - Everything wraps up nicely, which I think I remember being a common quality in the comedies. Valentine sees Proteus, Silvia, and Julia as page coming by so he quickly hides. Then he overhears Proteus demand Silvia because he just saved her from the outlaws. At this point Valentine jumps forth and makes himself know, embarrassing Proteus and delighting Silvia. Proteus apologizes in the face of Valentine, who accepts. Next Julia reveals herself by displaying her two rings. Proteus questions why he ever stopped loving her, and the two embrace. Last, the Duke and and Thurio enter. Thurio blesses Valentine with Silvia, and the Duke blesses Valentine with his love and acceptance. All the outlaws are pardoned and marriages are planned.

This play seemed very simple, I think maybe it is on of Shakespeare's earliest.

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