Saturday, June 29, 2013

On to The Merry Wives Of Windsor

I've started this play a few times but never got far.
Sc1 - Lots of characters and some hard to follow language. I count there groups, Justice Shallow, Sir Hugh Evans, and Slender, who open the play and set the plan to marry Anne Page in order to procure her dowry. Next is Sir Page, Mistress Page, and Mistress Ford, along with Pages daughter Anne Page. Shallow and friends go to Pages house to resolve a dispute with the third group, Falstaff, Pistol, Bardolph, and Nym, who have made appearances in other Henry plays.
The dispute between Shallow and Falstaff is that Shallow was robbed while drinking with Falstaff and friends. Falstaff of course denies this. At the end of the scene Shallow spends some time alone with Anne while the others have been called into dinner. I assumed this would be an opportunity for courting Anne Page in order to move along their plan, but instead Shallow just keeps saying hen doesn't want to eat.
One more character, Simple, makes an appearance, but I'm unsure of exactly who he's with or what his standing is.
Sc2 - A brief scene between Hughes and Simple. Hugh wants Simple to deliver a letter to Ms. Quickly, who is at Dr. Caius's house.
Sc3 - Falstaff, Bardolph, Pistol, and Nym, all meet the host of the Garter Inn. Falstaff has written letters to both Mistress Foredmandnm Mistress Page. He plans to make love to both of them, in the hopes of getting his hands on Ford's money, which the Mistress controls. As Falstaff and his boy Robin leave to deliver the letters, Nym and Pistol plan to tell the Fords and the Pages of the plans and to foil Falstaff.
Sc4 - At Dr. Caius's house Simple delivers Hugh's message to Quickly. Rugby, Dr. Caius's other servant sees the master coming home and Simple hides in the closet. The doctor finds him so Quickly reveals that he came with the letter from Hugh's asking for her to say a good word to Anne Page about him. The doctor is upset because he himself loves Anne, so he writes a response letter to Hugh challenging him. As Rugby and the doctor leave Fenton, a third suitor, arrives to ask Quickly where he stands with Anne. She tells him Anne loves him, but after he leaves she soliloqizes that Anne loves none of them.

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