Saturday, June 29, 2013

Merry Wives ACT TWO

Sc1 - Lots happening. The two mistresses receive their respective letters from Sir John and are both appealed. They conference and plan to lead him on until he is too deep and n and them reveal that they know of his plans.
Meanwhile Pistol and Nym are talking behind Falstaff's back and revealing the plans to Ford and Page. Page trusts his wife will not give into such a plot, but Ford is secretly more suspicious. He plans to use a disguise and discover the truth.
Lastly, the duel between Caius and Hugh is planned, and the host is the referee. Shallow comes along to get the host and Page, and they leave Ford and head to the duel.
Sc2 - At the garter Quickly tells Falstaff that both women want to meet him, and the hour is 10 to 11. Of course Pistol eggs him on. Next Ford comes disguised and asks Falstaff to yus his powers of move to woo Mistress Ford. Falstaff agrees and unfolds that a meeting has already been set. Ford ponders what to do to avoid being cuckolded.
Sc3 - Caius and his man Rugby are waiting for Hugh, but he has not shown. The Host, Slender, Shallow, and Page all show up to watch the fight. Some insults are given to Hugh for not showing, and then Shallow, Page, and Slender head off. They are going to get Hugh, whom the host told to wait elsewhere, believing the fight would be there. Meanwhile the Host will take Caius to see Anne Page, or so he thinks, but the true plan is to lead Hugh and Caius to some place together.

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