Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Two Gentlemen of Verona - Getting Started

Two Gents - 5 acts
Act 1 - 3 scenes
Act 2 - 7 scenes
Act 3 - 2 scenes
Act 4 - 4 scenes
Act 5 - 4 scenes

I'm using MIT site because its easy and I've used it before.

It is hard to budget one act a day, because some scenes run long. It is better to go by scene and stop between if needed.

Act 1 - Scene 1
We're in Verona, we've got two gents, Valentine and Proteus, whose names I'm sure are laced with some meaning connected from Greek mythology.

Valentine leaves for Milan and makes fun of Proteus for having a girlfriend, or at least a Crush, while Valentine is free. Speed enters.

Speed is Valentine's servant, and is looking for him. Proteus had Speed deliver a letter to his affection, Julia. Proteus is after lust and love, Valentine is after honor and reputation. Speed and Proteus bicker about payment for delivery, then Speed runs off.

Even after only one scene I've encountered more interesting words than a day's worth of reading the news gives me.

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