Saturday, June 29, 2013

Merry Wives - ACT THREE

Sc1 - Caius and Hugh are led together and the others enjoy laughing at both their angry responses. The Host reveals he has deceived them both and the others walk off for a drink. Hugh and Caius make a pact to get revenge on the Host.
Sc2 -  A quick meeting of most of the characters before they depart separate ways. The host will meet Falstaff for a drink. Shallow and Slender are off to have dinner with Anne Page and see if Slender can woo her. The rest, Hugh, Caius, Ford, and Page, are off to Ford's house to find Falstaff and the wives in the act.
Sc3 - The wives meet at Ford's house and arrange a large laundry basket. When Falstaff arrives it is not long before Mistress Page runs in and tells that Ford is coming with men to find Falstaff. Scared out of his wits, Falstaff jumps in the laundry basket and the servants carry him out. Ford and company arrive but find no one. Ford is embarrassed, but they make a plan to go birding the next day, and perhaps confront Falstaff.
Sc4 - Fenton woos Anne but she does not love him. Master Page tells Fenton to go away, and he wants Anne to marry the old man Slender. And wants none of this. Quickly is trying to help everyone, but especially Fenton.
Sc5 - Quickly is at the Gartee again calling on Falstaff on behalf of Miss Ford. Falstaff is to meet Miss Ford again that day. Next Ford returns disguised as Brook and learns how Falstaff escaped and that his wife has called for a second meeting.

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