Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Act 4

Sc1 - Valentine is confronted in the forest but becomes king of the outlaws when they realize his skill at language and similar banishment.

Sc2 - Julia arrives in Verona in time to overhear Proteus singing to Silvia for Thurio and then after confessing his own love for Silvia. Silvia doesn't buy it and reminds Proteus of his other love and the friend he back stabbed. Julia, listening but unseen, is crushed.

Sc3 - Silvia makes a plan to travel to Mantua in search o Valentine. Sir Eglamore will accompany her.

Sc4 - A brief episode with Launce trying recalling how he tried to make his dog a gift for Silvia because the cuter, smaller dog Proteus sent him to buy escaped at the market. Julia, disguised as a page, delivers a message of love to Silvia from Proteus. Julia hears firsthand Silvia's disdain for the infidelities of Proteus, and even though she is crushed by his betrayal, this display of true love and honesty motivates her. She looks almost alike if not better than Silvia, so she decides to win her love back.

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