Saturday, June 29, 2013

Merry Wives ACT FOUR

Sc1 - At the Page's house Quickly confers in Mistress Page that Falstaff is mostly likely already at Ford's. Hugh shows up for quick comedic interlude where he asks William Page, a schoolboy, questions about Latin grammar and give funny answers on behalf of his accent. After the impromptu test William goes out to play during a school day off.

Sc2 - Back at Ford's house again for round 2 of Falstall trying to woo Mistress Ford. Shortly after he arrives once again Mistress Page shows up to tell Mistress Ford that Ford himself is headed home and this time he's going to check the basket. Undone and with nowhere to hid, Falstaff is rushed upstairs and dressed as an old maid that Ford doesn't like. When the boys show up Ford is once again embarrassed to find no man in the basket and he has to beg his friends to help him search the house again. Falstaff comes down dressed as the maid and Ford beats him on site. Ford doesn't like the maid so he beats "her" right out of the house.

The Mistresses decide that Falstaff has probably had enough and that we won't attempt them again. They decide to tell their husbands how they fooled Falstaff, and then to see if the husbands want to play any more tricks on him.

Sc3 - Some Germans men of court are visiting and require horses. The Host agrees to provide them but he plans to milk the visitors for all the money he can get.

Sc4 - The wives unfold to the husbands and the boys the tricks they have played on Falstaff. Ford apologizes for not trusting his wife. Together a final trick is planned. Falstaff will be lead to Windsor woods to meet the ladies. After they meet the children will run out dressed as ferries and circle around Fallstaff, burning him with candles and asking him why he comes to the woods late at night.

In a side note, Page plans to have Slender steal away Anne, Page's daughter, at this hours and marry her. Mistress Page also has secret plans to have Dr. Caius steal away Anne and marry her at this hour.

Sc5 - It seems the Germans have robbed the host of his horses. Falstaff came back to the inn dressed as a woman and the host mistook him so. Now he returns in his regular dress and the host wants to know where the woman went. The host runs off to find his stolen horses. Quickly arrives and asks to speak to Falstaff so that she can tell him about how Ford has suffered and perhaps arrange a 3rd meeting.

Sc6 - Fenton meets the Host and lays out the plans. While Falstaff is being tricked Anne should be dressed in white so that Shallow can steal her away and marry her, as her father planned. Her mother want's her dressed in green with laurels in her hair so that Caius can steal her away. Anne plans to fool both and run away with Fenton.

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